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11 December 2020

JCC Exhibition 1

11 December 2020

JCC Exhibition 2

11 December 2020

JCC Exhibition 3

11 December 2020

JCC Exhibition 4

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Operating since 2011 as a subsidiary of PT Pola Petro Development(PPD) group, we provide the best-in-class code printing machinesenables us to offer everything from low cost, low application to highspeed, high resolution code printing machine to meet the specificprinting result for our customers products. We offer the best brand in theindustry known as Hitachi products as a total solution for code printingmachine from high resolution Thermal Ink Jet Printer (TIJ), high speedContinous Ink Jet Printer (CIJ) and ZERO consumable laser jet Printer.As a systems supplier, PT. Smartpack Machinery Indonesia (SMI) hasdeveloped a dedicated & specialized team to provide comprehensiveassistance, start from equipment selection, installation, commissioning,until run the system into full operation, and also making sure all themachines run smoothly and are maintained over the time. We help ourcustomers maintain their business growth and always ahead of thecompetition. We have successfully served many Multinational companiesand Local companies in Indonesia with complete lines machinerun satisfactorily


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